The Vision

Have A Voice • Be A Voice • Share Your Voice

Voices Of Individual Creative Evolution or V.O.I.C.E. is in support of a dialogue between two people. The healing  attibutes of this  partnership supports the blending of two voices, creating a unique tone which in turn stimulates creative evolution. Our vision is to nurture those individuals that are seeking their voice.  We encourage  these courageous beings to reach out and document others journey’s of personal change utilizing the framework of an interview.  This process  also provides  validation for those willing to share their stories.

We consider V.O.I.C.E. to be  an organic concept which we honor as it continues to design itself through those who wish to participate. Ultimately we are sharing our vision of joining together as a symphony of fledgling voices willing, to collaborate during this co-creative climate.

Through our individual journey’s we have come to understand the value and healing potential in finding and sharing ones story/voice. It is our belief that through individual creative expression the potential of awakening is stirred and in turn supports  others who share the same quest.

Leave us a comment if motivated to get involved as a Mentor and or a Field Emissary and  either Jeannde or Brenda  will be in touch with you.  We also welcome support in other areas. We require nothing from you other than a commitment of intention, a willingness to find and share your voice and a joyful heart.


“What is the next level of human association? Beyond the physical, can some aspect of consciousness of one individual join with that of another? What would that kind of a partnership be?  What new properties if any would it have? And what would be its advantages from an evolutionary standpoint? Most importantly, what are the qualities that will satisfy that inner voice that keeps desperately looking for that experience?  Clearly, some form of bypass is needed to go beyond the formidable obstructions to understanding one another and finding the basis of alignment.”

Ron Friedman (Evolutionary Perspective)
Vistar Foundation,



V.O.I.C.E  is  in support of each others individual uniqueness. Nurturing our personal creative evolutionary journey’s through passion, presence & purpose.  This  forum embraces diversified beliefs  in an effort  to create a symphony of voices for change. Join us and be heard






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